Gina Ward, Founder

After spending eleven years teaching a variety of classes from spin to bootcamp,  I came across yoga in 2010, due to a knee injury from running, and fell in love with it.  I found something that both my mind and body had been missing, a real CONNECTION.  For me, yoga is not just an exercise routine, but a lifestyle that has taught me to be a better wife, parent, daughter and friend.  I became overwhelmed with the feeling of needing to share what I had found, thus Moonshine Power Yoga was born. I am so very grateful for this opportunity and cannot wait to share the gift of yoga with each of you. 

I completed my first 200hr training in 2013 and a second one with Grace & Glory Yoga in 2015. I am a tier 3 1200hr Certified Baptiste Influencer and a graduate of the FIT-to LEAD (Faculty in Training) program with the Baptiste Yoga Institute. I have assisted three Baptiste Institute programs and am an Ambassador for the Baptiste Foundation. I have a Masters Degree in Exercise Science and am a certified fitness instructor with the American Council on Exercise.  I have been instructing fitness classes since 2001.

Marisa Everett

I have been practicing yoga since 2008, after the birth of my first son. I practiced yoga for "me" time and its stress-reducing, relaxing qualities. A few months after the birth of my second son, in 2011, I attended my first vinyasa class.  Although it was very challenging, I found it exhilarating and I was quickly hooked to the power classes. My practice makes me feel ALIVE and FREE!!! I constantly want to learn more and I'm eager to share with everyone. I am grateful for my teachers who have led me with patience and acceptance. I have learned to unleash my inner warrior and I hope to do the same for others.

I completed my first 250-hour teacher training with Dhyana Yoga in February 2013. I completed my  500-hour training program at Moonshine Power Yoga.  I have attended Level 1, Level 2, Art of Assisting and Advanced Art of Assisting training with the Baptiste Institute. 

Stephanie Quinones

I had my first experience with yoga in 2007 where I went to unwind and reset. Over the next few years, I had wanted to learn more and deepen my practice, but I took a different path. After a messy break up and a battle with addition, I moved to south jersey to find inner peace. I finally made my way back onto my mat and was granted the gift of Moonshine's Personal Transformation & Teacher Training program. Here I learned how to take what I discovered on my mat into my daily life. I now no longer hope to reach my goals, but live each day with intention. I am grateful to share my passion for this practice with the Moonshine community. It is a place where I feel at home and able to share my authentic self with the world and inspire others to dig deeper into what the Baptiste practice can offer, on and off the mat.

I completed my 200-hour teacher training at Moonshine Power Yoga. I have attended Art of Assisting and Level 1 with the Baptiste Institute. 


Erica Crum

"I am going to start yoga."  This is what I said to myself for 10 years. Finally a friend encouraged me to try Moonshine Power Yoga in March of 2016. Since then, the practice has become my whole way of life. Prior to yoga, procrastination was fully in charge of the way I lived. From career goals, life decisions and simply trying something new, I had let it keep me from fully living the life that I wanted. Since starting yoga, I have and continue to learn new tools to use on my journey through life and to be a YES. Yoga is a life long commitment and has helped create balance in every aspect of my life, as a wife, mother, daughter, friend and self-care. I am empowered in my life by all that is possible by living intentionally. I am grateful for the teachers at Moonshine and the sense of belonging I have felt since first walking into the studio. I am now thrilled to be on the team and to have the opportunity to share my love of yoga with the community.

I completed my 200-hour teacher training at Moonshine Power Yoga and have attended Art of Assisting and Level 1 with the Baptiste Institute. I have my teaching certificate in Kids Yoga.  



Mary Kutch

My first yoga experience was in high school as an alternative to gym class. It wasn't until my sophomore year of college that I stepped back on my mat and started to reap the benefits of yoga. Off and on for years I was using yoga to supplement other forms of exercise and to help keep me in awareness of my body and mind. I finally committed myself to the work of Baptiste Yoga and learned that everything that happened on my mat was a perfect parallel to how everything happens in my life. Yoga is so much more than a workout. My mind has been blown by this practice which is why I decided to be a yes and take on a teacher-leader role at Moonshine. I am grateful for this journey and am excited to share it with the Moonshine community. 

I completed my 200hr teacher training at Moonshine in January 2018. 


Kayla Pinnix

After practicing yoga on my own for years, I decided to take a class at Moonshine Power Yoga. I was instantly hooked by how the practice made me feel physically stung, mentally focused and clear and empowered to take on anything. I signed up for the Level Up Teacher Training the first month of membership. I love discovering the meaning of how you show up on your mat is how you show up in life. The more I learn from Baptiste Yoga, the more I want to share and inspire others to make a difference. I have a passion for this practice and I am excited to watch my students and myself grow and transform. 

I completed my 200hr teacher training at Moonshine in January 2017 and have attended Level 1 with the Baptiste Institute. I have a Master degree in Wellness and Lifestyle Management.


Brittany Ponti

I took my first yoga class in 2014 at a gym, when being and looking fit were my main priorities. I threw myself into working out and getting as strong as possible to avoid facing anything I deemed to be a problem. I decided to try studio yoga at Moonshine and as luck and the universe would have it, I realized it was exactly what I had been missing my life. I felt alive and seen during an activity I originally used as something to escape the present moment. I signed up for all the programs they offered and embraced what I learned and decided to enroll in the Level Up Teacher Training. I let go of all the reasons as to why I thought I could not be a Baptiste teacher-leader and went for it. This practice has taught me how to not only put in the work to make my vision of life a reality, but also to lead others to discovering what else is possible for them.

Brittany completed her 200hr Teacher Training at Moonshine in January 2017 and attended Level 1 with the Baptiste Institute. 


Gina Pusloski

I first started practicing yoga in 2015 as a means to loosen up my tight legs for running, but then I discovered so much more! I practiced on and off for nearly two years and then signed up for the 40 Days to Personal Revolution Program and it completely changed my way of thinking, both on and off the mat. The practice has given me so much more than I could have imaged 3 years ago when I started. I am thrilled to be able to share this practice now as a Moonshine teacher-leader of this community.  

I completed my 200hr teacher training at Moonshine Power Yoga in January 2018 and I have attended the Art of Assisting with the Baptiste Institute. 


Lauren Daddis

I began my yoga journey in 2005 in Santa Monica, CA.  Yoga was a way for me to physically and mentally decompress from my stressful job.  Riding my bike to the studio and holding poses until my body was shaking was the best way to channel my stress and release negative energy.  Yet it was still only a physical practice for me at that point.  Years later, after losing my job and moving cross country, I turned to yoga for more than the physical release.  Yoga had quickly become more than a workout, it became a way of life.  Yoga forced me to take an honest look at myself and show up to do the work. I am thrilled and honored to have been welcomed into the Moonshine community.  Gina has been a huge influence and support in my life since moving to New Jersey and I am eager to serve, give back and grow with all of you!

I completed my 200hr training in 2012 and have been a teacher and student ever since. I have completed countless additional trainings and workshops to continue my education.  

Moonshine Power Yoga Karma Team