"I have been doing yoga at gyms and discounted classes for about 10 years. I was getting tired of the gym because the classes were too short and the room too cold. I attended the opening of Moonshine Power Yoga and was hooked. I signed up for the introductory $39 unlimited month to be sure I was ready for the commitment. I loved the studio because it was clean, welcoming, and just the right temperature. I have enjoyed the small changes as Gina added her touches to the walls. Each teacher provided a consistent workout adding their own personality to keep the practice interesting.

Attending the year anniversary, I realized that I am part of a yoga community. I feel accomplished for being committed.  My body is stronger and my mind is calmer. I am proud of the new poses that I have mastered. I participated in Power 101 and the 40 days program, allowing me to strengthen my practice and get to know my fellow yogis. In addition, I had the opportunity to attend the Master Class with Baron Baptiste in Philadelphia as part of the Moonshine community. A great memory for me with both my daughter and yoga community. Moonshine is so much more than a great place for a workout. 

I leave each practice feeling stronger, calmer, and connected."

- Tracee P., devoted yogi and member

"I first came to Moonshine after months of chiropractic visits, where they recommended hot yoga. I remember thinking, great - hot and yoga, my least favorite things to do. My journey at Moonshine began at a time in my life when I was admitting I was powerless over an addict and my life had become unmanageable. I would show up for class physically and try my best to do the poses. It was a struggle and often times I wanted to leave. Mentally, most of the time I was thinking about my chaotic life. A small process began over time while I was practicing, I was no longer struggling and my mind was present in the room. I started to just do and not think. I signed up for Power 101, after the 40 Days to a Personal Revolution, which was a great tool to introduce my inner selfback with and without all the mess. The program also exposed a powerful tool on how to speak direct language. The process of practice on my mat has shifted into a parallel of everyday living. Nothing is perfect on or off my may and I am willing to embrace that into my life. Moonshine to me represents serendipity to my life.

- Lori, 2016-2017 loyal program advocate.

When I decided to take up yoga this past fall, it instantly took away the sense of competitiveness and brought out the sense of community. All the harsh criticism I had experienced was replaced with light and honor. I was even thanked after a group discussion— something I have never experienced in an activity before. There were no critiques, only assists which were to help you become better. It has also taught me to truly listen to my body. Not every day will be the same, and there is no reason to treat your practice the same every day. Your body is constantly ebbing and flowing, thus there is no reason to have expectations of how it should move day to day.
Yoga has taught me that one of the best things in life cannot be critiqued or improved, it just has to be. Letting go of the shoulda woulda couda’s in life opened my mind and heart to so many new things. It has not only taught me to take pride in everything I do, because I ultimately “own” it, and because there is nothing to be changed or redone, everything is beautiful."

-Brooke G, amazing student, yogi and person.

"I began to practice yoga at a time in my life when it felt like everything around me was unraveling and the ground beneath my feet was unsteady. My husband was given a diagnosis of stage 4 melanoma with only 9 months to live. I would go to yoga whenever I could find a moment to spare, which was not often being a full-time caregiver, parent of 2 with a full-time job. I only knew that the physical practice of yoga somehow enable me to find a brief second of mental clarity and peace. About a month after my husband passed away, I was laid off from my full-time job. Important roles in my life were suddenly taken away from me and this made me feel overwhelmingly sad and consumed with grief. Also, my depression and increasing anxiety made it hard for me to function. My husband's cancer journey was traumatic and I struggles with the journey we took together. All I wanted to do was sleep, but I knew on some level, I had to continue with the physical practice of yoga. Yoga was helping me heal and find the courage to continue to live and be a strong parent for my children. Life continued to provide me with additional challenges and I stopped my practice for a while.

I started to go to Moonshine Power Yoga because i loved hot yoga and I also knew that I desperately needed the peace and mental clarity that yoga provided. Although I grew to accept my grief and loss, my depression and anxiety were still out of control and the same themes in my life kept showing up. I enrolled in the Power 101: Discovering Your Power program by chance. I thought the class would be a good way for me to begin my practice again. I thought I was being reintroduced to the yoga poses. Power 101 was so much more than learning about the physical aspect of the practice. What I learned from Power 101 helped me to cope better on so many  levels. It gave me additional tools to help me with depression and anxiety. It made me self-reflect and realize how my thoughts impact how I see the world. Power 101 gave me coping strategies beyond just the physical practice of yoga.

I would recommend this program as it truly had a transformative effect if you are willing to be receptive to the lessons that are shared. Although I still struggle with my anxiety and depression on a daily basis and still have more healing to do, I feel what I have learned from the program has enabled me to deal with my thoughts and feelings in a more productive way."

- 2015 Power 101 Graduate

"I took my first class at Moonshine Power Yoga and that same night I filled out the application to enroll in teacher training. I was nervous but I felt like it was the right place and the right time to do it! As someone who considered themselves a perfectionist, suffered from an eating disorder in high school, constantly pushed their body to exhaustion with exercise, and always had the feeling of 'I'm not good enough,' I feel in love with yoga quickly. I loved that it was a practice and not a competition and that for the first time I was doing something food for my body instead of beating it down. I knew when I signed up that I would learn to lead a yoga class. However, I had no idea how much more I would get out of this training. I think when I registered my eyes skimmed past the part that said 'personal transformation'--this part of the yoga teacher training has been the most important part for me. I have learned to stop trying to fix myself, to stop trying to get it right, and to be open and willing to being vulnerable and imperfect. If I told you I have mastered those things through this program--that would be a lie! It is a process and I have learned that this is the beauty of it all--we are always growing and learning and asking questions about ourselves. As I am finishing up teacher training I know I have learned the skills to lead a yoga class but more importantly I have gained the skills for lifelong personal inquiry and growth and I have gained an amazing community that is like family."

- Sarah L., 2016 Teacher Training Graduate

"When this program began, I envisioned ‘transformation’ as a building project and hoped to construct an idealized portrait of what I thought a yoga teacher should look like. What I discovered instead was the deeper work of self-excavation; a supported journey into my most authentic self. From my mat and into every area of my life, this program created the space for me to learn to speak with greater clarity and confidence, move with purposeful intention and see with the vision of possibility. Crafting the skills to effectively lead a Power Yoga Class no longer looks like a finish line, but a starting point for a more empowering, inspired way of being."

- Michel A, 2017 Teacher Training Graduate